Bill Gates Quits Facebook After Friend Request Bombardment

Is there such a thing as being too popular? Having too many friends? If you're Bill Gates, we guess the answer is "yes." The famed Microsoft co-founder has recently admitted to giving up Facebook after "too many" people wanted to befriend him. Of course, we find it kind of silly that Mr. Gates expected anything other than an onslaught of friend requests, but we digress.

The face of Microsoft recently told an audience in India that he gave Facebook a shot but ended up throwing his hands in the air after "10,000 people" attempted to become one of his online friends. The issue? He had trouble figuring out if he knew the people that were hitting him up for friendship, and he noted that the whole process was "just way too much trouble."

Wilder still, Gates told his onlookers that he wasn't "that big at text messaging" and that he wasn't "a 24 hour a day tech person." So, wait just a second--Gates developed what would become Windows, the world's largest and most pervasive operating system, yet he isn't a techie every second of his life? The shock! The horror!

He finished up by suggesting that information technology could be "hugely beneficial," but he did state that "these tools of tech waste our time if we're not careful." Facebook is a waste of time, huh Gates? So, what exactly would you call Windows Vista and Windows ME?