BFGTech 6600GT, Mushkin's New Heatsink Design, and more!

Hey folks! Incase you haven't heard the good news, the demo for F.E.A.R. will be released on friday morning. The japanese horror inspired theme, while already been done in the movies, is new to the FPS genre. This, combined with the intense action we've already seen from screenshots and trailers, should make for one hell of a game.

AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ CPU: Dual-Core and 64-Bit Go Mass! @ X-Bit Labs

"We would like to introduce to you this summer's hit: the new mainstream dual-core processor from AMD. For only $354 you can get yourself two processor cores working at 2GHz frequency and featuring 512KB L2 cache. But is it enough for satisfactory performance results? You can find the answer to this question in our new review alongside with a few valuable bonuses: detailed tests of power consumption, overclocking potential and benchmarks in Windows 64-bit."

BFGTech 6600GT Graphics Card Review @ CoolTechZone

"NVIDIA's 6600GT is still the sweet spot for budget buyers that are looking for nice performance at an affordable price tag. That said, NVIDIA's 6600GT positioning could change with ATI's X800GT, as it proposes to be fiercer than its X700 series of graphics adapters. The X700 was really a competitor to the regular 6600 with better performance and an aggressive price tag, but it ATI was clearly marketing it otherwise to better deal with the situation."

Mushkin's New Heatsink Design @ Adrian's Rojak Pot

"Mushkin recently announced a radically new heatsink design for their top memory modules. They claim it offers greatly-improved thermal dissipation capabilities courtesy of a larger surface area, a new aero-efficient design and an advanced thermal adhesive. Check it out!"

Aerocool Chameleon Fan Review @ ASE Labs

"Before the days of lights and UV reactive dye, you had to only be worried about sound and size of the fan. Today's choices are more numerous then ever. Not only do you have fans that glow or light up, they can give you an indication of the temperature in your case. Aerocool's Chameleon fan does just that in a cool way (no pun intended)."

Foxconn TV-544 & TP-544 ATX Towers @ Phoronix

"The case market these days is saturated with cases of all varieties. The most popular ones are flashy modded cases, or high quality aluminum cases. However if you're just looking for a very sturdy, well-built case, Foxconn's TV-544 or TP-544 might be the perfect case for you."