Bethesda's Fallout 76 Support Site Blunder Briefly Exposes Personal Customer Details

Bethesda can't seem to get out of its own way these days. The company has been beset with complaints about Fallout 76, a game that was highly anticipated and launched to terrible reviews. The unstable and bug laden game pushed some to ask for a refund on the title, which Bethesda agreed to for some gamers early on before reneging on that refund promise.

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A serious error on the Bethesda support website resulted in support tickets being viewable by anyone who went to the support page. Details on those support tickets that could be seen by anyone included the customer name, email address, and other personal information. Among the details leaked on the support tickets were receipts from Fallout Power Armor Edition buyers who are wanting the canvas bag replacement for the cheap nylon bag Bethesda shipped with that edition of the game.

Bethesda took the support site offline to repair the issue, but the error was widely reported before Bethesda took the site down. That gave anyone wanting to collect personal information plenty of time to do so. Bethesda later acknowledged and apologized for the incident and stated that a "limited" number of tickets were viewable and that no complete credit card information or passwords leaked.

Bethesda has promised to offer more details on what happened to cause the leak as it learns more. The company also promised to notify customers who might have been impacted by the issue. There is no indication at this time of what exactly caused the problem that revealed the data to site visitors.