Bethesda Teases Fallout 76, The Latest Installment In Post-Apocalyptic Gaming Franchise

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Yesterday morning, Bethesda offered a cryptic teaser for an upcoming Fallout game, simply telling gamers to #PleaseStandBy. Today, the developer has announced the next installment in the long-running franchise: Fallout 76.

Bethesda announced the game via a teaser trailer that starts off with the familiar “Please Stand By” message and then proceeds to show of some staid cutscene footage along with a reference to 300 years since the Declaration of Independence (1776 - 2076). There's the specific date of October 27th 2102 featured prominently on a Pip-Boy along with footage showing the apparent aftermath of a party celebrating "Reclamation Day”. 

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Oh, and we should mention that during the trailer, John Denver's song "Take Me Home, West Virginia" is playing in the background, which could be a reference to Vault 76 being located in West Virginia.

There's not much else to glean from the actual trailer, but Nukapedia, the Fallout Wiki, has a few details on Vault 76 (which was first mentioned in a Fallout 3 expansion pack).

  • Vault Number: 76
  • Construction Begun: February 2065
  • Ended Construction Ended: October 2069
  • Number of Occupants: 500
  • Duration: 240 months
  • Computer System: Brainpower 4
  • Primary Power Supply: LightLife Geo-Thermal
  • Secondary Power Supply: General Atomics Nuclear Power
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Kotaku claims that the Fallout 76 is an “an online game of some sort" according to its sources, but we'll have to wait until Bethesda's June 10th E3 press conference to know for sure. Until then, the only other thing we can reveal at this time is that Fallout 76 will be available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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