Fallout 76 Players Found In This Secret Developer Room Are Likely To Get The Banhammer

Bethesda has had more than a few problems with Fallout 76, though fans of the franchise had very high hopes. The biggest issue early on was that the game was riddled with bugs, rendering it unplayable many players. In addition, Bethesda has at times been rather heavy-handed with the ban hammer, with reports that some players were being banned for using mods to improve game graphics, though modding has historically been a huge part of the Fallout ecosystem in past franchise releases. Today, a new report has surfaced that players are using glitches to access a hidden developer room in the game, and once inside they are stealing items and paints to sell to other players for real money, or for their own personal cheat gain.

winterized pa

Inside the developer room are plans for every item in the game, including plans for some items that are thought to be coming to the game in future updates. Bethesda has promised big changes for the game this year, including player vs. player combat. Reports of the existence of the room first surfaced on Reddit a few days back, and word is that gamers on Discord have known about the room for several weeks. A video of the room and how it works was posted by a player called Mr. X on YouTube but was later removed; a different user has re-uploaded the video, which can be seen here...

A post on reddit claimed Bethesda was banning accounts of players who enter the area. On Reddit, r/Market76 is also restricting the exchange of unreleased power armor paint jobs, and reports indicate that the sellers of those restricted items are being banned, but the people who purchased the items aren't. Some comments on the PSA thread on Reddit are from gamers who exchanged for or bought these illicit items, stating they had no idea they were illicit and simply thought they were getting very rare items. This is perhaps why the buyers are being left alone.

poor wooby
What's up Wooby? Fallout 76 NPC just chills in the developer room...

Market76 did specifically list paints, plans, and items that are restricted from trade and the list includes the knight, knight sergeant, knight captain, officer, paladin, sentinel, elder, atom cat, military, winterized, vim!, marine combat helmet, and hunter's hood. The list on the thread here will be updated as new items were added. Interestingly, along with all the items in the game being inside the room, the game's only NPC, going by the name Wooby, is also lounging around inside. The NPC doesn't do anything and seems to serve no purpose other than to be shot up by the weapons in the room when a dev wants to test something out. Poor Wooby.