Fallout 76's First Bug Of The New Year Removes All Nuke Codes

Two days into the new year and already Bethesda has a new bug in Fallout 76 to annoy gamers. The new bug is leaving gamers unable to access the in-game nuke codes. Without the nuke codes, players aren't able to deploy nukes around the map. The strangest part about this bug is that since Bethesda has been so bad at communicating with players of the game, many people assumed the removal of nuke codes was intentional.

gallout76 bug

Bethesda has now stepped up and confirmed that nuke code issue was not intentional, stating that it is an "issue with Nuke silo access," and it is investigating the problem right now. Speculation is that the problem with nuke access has to do with the in-game calendar since the nukes stopped dropping on January 1. Bethesda is at least making good on its promise to communicate better with gamers by admitting that there is a bug in the game. Earlier today we talked about Bethesda promising that it would have an update for the game landing this month.

It didn't elaborate on exactly what would be addressed in that update, but it did say that it would address things that players have complained about in the game. There is hope that Bethesda can revamp Fallout 76 enough to make it the game that fans of the franchise hoped for. No Man's Sky had a similarly poor launch, and after months of struggles, the developers were finally able to update the game to make it popular with gamers.

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