Bethesda Shares What’s Inside The Vault For Fallout 76 DLC But Can It Save This Game?

Bethesda had a rough 2018, with the highly anticipated Fallout 76 launching to poor reviews and many complaining about the bugs that plagued the game. Bethesda made a bad situation worse when it offered some gamers refunds on the game only to go back on that offer down the road. Some gamers allegedly found themselves banned for using mods to improve graphics in the game creating more ire against Bethesda. However, the game publisher is looking to make things better in 2019 and has promised some upcoming changes for the game.

fallout 76

The very first Inside the Vault post for 2019 was published on New Year's Day, and in that post, Bethesda promises big things are to come for Fallout fans. Later this month a new patch for the game will launch. While Bethesda doesn't give any hard details on what the patch coming this month will offer, it does say it will be a "big update" like its December 11 update. The update landing this month is meant to address many of the issues that players have been giving feedback on, but no specific issues are noted.

Bethesda promises that full patch notes on what the update will address will be offered soon. While a new patch is on the way, future updates are being teased that will give fans of the game more to enjoy in the Fallout 76 world. Bethesda promises future updates will bring new quests, weekly in-game events, new vaults, a new PvP mode, player vending, and more. Bethesda also calls for gamers to continue providing feedback on the game. Bethesda seems to want to fix Fallout 76 and make it into the game that fans of the franchise hoped it would be, but it remains to be seen if it can get out of its own way and finally deliver the game fans hoped for.