Best of 2004 Hardware, Danger Den TDX Block, and more!

Well folks, I just finished watching the news, and apparently the "King of Spam" lives in New Hampshire. Of course I started cracking up immediately, as anyone with an e-mail address knows every state in America has at least two Spam Kings. This guy was great though, he developed spyware software, and then developed software that removed the spyware... hey, hey! Turn off that light bulb above your head, my mailbox suffers enough ;)

Best of 2004 Hardware & Tech @ Gamers Depot

"2004 was a great year for PC hardware and technology – we found ourselves drenched in performance goodness, the likes of which we haven't seen in awhile because of the magnitude of performance gains are incredible. Additionally, we also have been blessed with games that can truly take advantage of the hardware and are breaking new ground in graphical detail."

Soltek QBiC EQ3901M Barebone Small Form Factor Review @ 3DX

"Soltek did a good job with the EQ3901M with room for enough hardware to make it a decent gaming rig or media center. The Motherboard gives users plenty of options for overclocking however with the limited space and airflow overclocking isn't a reality. The performance of the EQ3901M puts it on par with any desktop board, this is nice because moving to a SFF unit doesn't mean you have to sacrifice performance."

Cooler Master Cavalier 2 Desktop Review @ PC Perspective

"The Cooler Master Cavalier 2 desktop case exhibits excellent build quality and styling. It is packed with useful features and should particularly appeal to those interested in building a Home Theater PC. The big, blue analog sound level meter is pure eye candy and thankfully is not overdone (too bright) even when viewed with the lights turned down low."

Danger Den TDX Block @ Legit Reviews

"While the TDX has been reviewed many times, there has not been very many instances featuring this block with its fairly recent Socket-775 hardware. I've been running several Socket-775 systems with the TDX, and it's done well with a P4 530 (3.0GHz), and 540 (3.2GHz)..."

MGE XG Vigor 500 Watt Power Supply reviewed @

"The MGE XG Vigor 500 Watt Power Supply may just be ideal power supply for the computer user that wants good looks, a well ventilated case, exceptional tight voltage on all the rails and most of all at a price they can afford. With a MSRP of $60.00 this power supply may prove to be the sleeper of the year if our tests are indicative of what this power supply is capable of doing."