Best Keyboard Shortcut Ever Ctrl-Shift-T Recovers Last Closed Tab in Chrome (And Other Browsers)

Life is a lot easier when you have second chances. Golfers can take mulligans if they shank the ball and land it in the drink, and if you fault a serve in tennis, you're given a second attempt to get it right before it counts against you. Unfortunately, everyday life doesn't have a "do-over" button, but using a little three-finger magic, you can resurrect a closed tab in just about any browser.

Listen, we know this is old hat for most you, so why bring it up? Simply put, it's one of the more handy keyboard shortcuts to remember (for us, anyway) considering how much time we spend on the web and how important tabs have become to the browsing experience. If even just one person learns this shortcut who didn't know it previously, we'll feel accomplished.

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Image Source (altered): Flickr (timatymusic)

So should Melia Robinson, a reporter for BusinessInsider who posted the shortcut on Twitter as her #keyboardshortcutoftheweek. She specifically calls out Chrome, but it also works in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera. What about Safari, you ask? For the few of you rocking Apple's browser in Windows, the magical combination to restore an accidentally closed tab is CTRL+Z (Command+Z on Macs).

Do you have a favorite keyboard shortcut? If so, share it with us and your fellow readers in the comments section below!