Best Buy To Sell Green Vehicles Next To HDDs

Best Buy: it's the place you go when you need a new GPU, a new HDD, a new stick of RAM or a new notebook when time is tight and you can't bother to shop around. Soon, however, it'll be the go-to place for electric vehicles. You read right, electric vehicles.

As the big box retailer looks to broaden its horizons, it will soon begin offering "green vehicles" in select stores. In fact, it has already started the program up in a few locations, with 19 stores in west coast states (Oregon, Washington and California) offering up electric scooters, electric bicycles and Segway transporters. Things are set to get even more serious this summer with the introduction of the Brammo Enertia, an $11,995 electric motorcycle that can roll some 45 miles at up to 50mph on a single charge.

We know what you're thinking: "What is Best Buy thinking?" Truth be told, even the outfit's CEO isn't really sure, with Brian Dunn noting that he "isn't sure [how the sales of electric vehicles] will do." He does say that he likes the risk, however, and if it pays off, it could really catapult Best Buy into more than just a stop for new release DVDs and the occasional Christmas gift.