Best Buy Shoppers Start Camping Out Early For Black Friday

Believe it or not, shoppers have already started camping out at some Best Buy stores in anticipation of Black Friday. If lining up a week early seems insane, well, that's because it is. Be that as it may, Rhiannon Buckingham found herself near the front of the line at a Best Buy store in El Cajon, California.

"Last year, I came on Tuesday and I was 17th in line," she told Channel 10 News, a local ABC news affiliate. "They only had 15 TVs."

Best Buy Black Friday Shoppers

Not all Best Buy locations take kindly to people camping out so far in advance of Black Friday, and in fact a property manager at the El Cajon location made Buckingham and company leave the premises, telling them to return on Thanksgiving. Fat chance. According to Channel 10 News, Buckingham found an alternate Best Buy location in nearby La Mesa, where she's currently camped out.

"I'm getting TVs... four TVs, a Blu-ray, player, and some earphones," she explained.

She figures she'll save about $2,000 by camping out a week in advance and being one of the first inside. Unlike the El Cajon location, the store's manager at La Mesa is totally fine with shoppers camping out a week in advance. The manager even came out to take photos of the campers for his company's corporate newsletter.

Best Buy Black Friday Preview

Best Buy has already revealed its "Doorbusters" deals, which include items like a 40-inch Toshiba LCD 1080p TV for $180 (save $240), Sony PlayStation 3 250GB bundle for $200 (save $100), and several other items.