Best Buy Halts MacBook Air Orders, Hints of Upcoming Refresh

In what can be taken as yet another sign that Apple is getting ready to refresh its MacBook Air line with a much needed makeover of modern parts, Best Buy's online listings for current generation models show that they're "Not Available for Shipping."

You can still walk down to your local Best Buy brick-and-mortar store and pick one up, provided they still have models in stock. According to AppleInsider, some locations have run out of units, and it doesn't appear they'll be replenishing them until Apple comes out with revised models.

Another option is to hop over to Apple's Online Store, where current generation MacBook Air models are still available for purchase. Baseline models run from $999 (11-inch, 64GB) to $1,599 (13-inch, 256GB), each one saddled with what's now an underwhelming first generation Intel Core 2 Duo processor.

It's expected that Apple will refresh its MacBook Air line with Intel's Sandy Bridge processors, and we wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they also came with a Thunderbolt port. According to AppleInsider, the hold-up has to do with Apple waiting until Mac OS X Lion goes Gold Master.