BenQ 16x DVD+-RW, Mushkin PC3200 and More

Good morning everyone :)  The news front is bumping and it is getting late.  So, let's skip over the banter and get right down to business...

 BenQ 16x DVD -RW Double Layer Writer @ ExtremeMhz

"Based on some email requests from our readers, today we will take a look at yet another 16x DVD writer, this time from BenQ.  Not to be confused with the DW1610, the new DW1620 offers the same capabilities but adds support for double layer writing.  While not a 4x double layer writer, this drive is set to compete against the Lite-On SOHW-1633s and LG GSA-4160B.  This is the first time we'll be checking out a product from BenQ and based on all I've read, it appears to be a well performing drive.  Let's take it for a spin to see if it is indeed impressive."

 Mushkin PC3200 L2V2 Dual Channel Kit @ Bytesector

"Of all the memory that came out this year, I would have to say that the low latency trend seems to be fairly prevalent. We all know from the introduction of DDR2 memory that speed means almost nothing if your timings are really high (in the case of DDR2 it was 4-4-4-12). What have companies been working to do then? They take their PC3200 modules and drop the latencies to a record 2-2-2-5 while running at 400MHz. This allows for a very versatile memory module. Today, I have been given the chance to take a look at Mushkin's latest low latency memory. Dubbed the L2V2 series of memory, it comes with Mushkin's jet black 6-layer PCB, gold contacts, 2-2-2-5 timings at 400MHz, and what looks like a heck of a lot of bandwidth!"

 Mushkin PC2-4200 (DDR2) Reviewed @

"Last week we reviewed Mushkin's high performance L2V2 DDR and this week we have a go at their PC2-4200 DDR2 memory. This memory has a JEDEC Spec CAS rating of 4-4-4-12 and in our testing we were able to run this memory rock stable at frequency of 334.1 MHz (668.2 MHz DDR) for two solid hours of prime95/Seti@home combo testing."

 Albatron Trinity PCX5750 @ Viper Lair

"In current games such as Serious Sam SE and UT2004, this card can play 1024*768 without any real problems, and for the most part you can enable AA and ansiotropic filtering while still keeping playability. Newer games such as Splinter Cell also are playable at 1024*768, but only without the extra quality settings enabled. New games such as Doom 3 and Far Cry are playable at 800*600 without AA and ansiotropic filtering, but I wouldn't really suggest going beyond that."

 Albatron's PX915P-AGPe motherboard @ TechReport

"PCI EXPRESS is undoubtedly the future of PC graphics, but it doesn't offer the easiest upgrade path. The crux of the problem is the fact that PCI Express x16 graphics slots aren't backward compatible with AGP cards. As of yet, we haven't seen core logic chipsets support both PCI-E and AGP, either. That hasn't deterred Taiwan from finding a way to offer both AGP and PCI-E graphics on the same motherboard, though."

 Xtreme Gamer Vigor 500W Power-Supply @ TechFreaks

"The MGE Xtreme Gamer Vigor 500W is a solid performer. It pairs looks with performance to produce a very affordable, quality power-supply. Priced just a bit under $70, the Vigor 500W is a steal compared to the Antec TruePower 380W ($71) or OCZ PowerStream 420W ($100). The rails were very stable, even under a very pressuring load. The lights and sleeved cables are welcomed features; and if blue isn't your thing, the Vigor 500W also comes in red and green colors."

I have to run for a little while folks.  Catch you back here in a few hours :) - Cheers

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