Beginners Guides: Converting Videotape Into Video Files

You know it folks, sooner or later your VHS tapes will degrade to a point where they're no longer enjoyable to watch. The technology to port them over to your computer has been around for a while now, but if you've never taken the time to learn how to do it, then PCStats will help get you started.

"As you may have noticed, the VCR is a dying technology. DVD players are now equivalent in price, and their disks have practically crowded VHS tapes right off the shelves of your neighborhood video store. Give it another three years and you may be hard pressed to find a new release on tape. So what happens when your VCR finally breaks? In this PCstats Guide, we'll provide some simple guidelines to converting your old videotapes into video clips that you can store on your computer, or send around to friends and family. Once you have converted your old videotapes into the new digital format, you have several options open to choose from. You can store your flicks on the hard drive indefinitely, or place them on a recordable CD-R/RW for storage."
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