Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones Rock Apple W1 Chip And Killer Noise Cancellation

When it comes to headphones and earphones, one of the biggest brands in the world is Beats. It's been a long while, over three years, since the product sitting at the top of the Beats range has been updated. That flagship model is called Studio, and the update has finally arrived. Beats has new Studio 3 Wireless headphones that are available now from Apple directly and at other retail outlets.

Anything with the Beats name on it carries a premium price, and the Studio 3 Wireless headphones are no exception selling for $349.95. The headphones feature the Apple W1 chip, a chip first seen in the Apple Airpods when they launched last year. Other than that W1 chip, the new Studio 3 Wireless headphones also have advanced noise cancellation, new internals, and a longer battery life.

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Most of the changes are on the inside, as they still look a lot like the old Studio Wireless headphones they replace. These are large over-the-ear headphones offered in six different colors. One of the major improvements to the new headphones are ear cushions that are designed to be more comfortable for all-day wear.

With the Apple A1 chip inside, Studio 3 Wireless users will find it easy to pair with nearby Apple device like an iPhone or iPad. When paired to an Apple device that supports the W1 chip, the battery life is said to be 22 hours with noise cancellation on or up to 40 hours in low power audio only mode. If the battery goes dead and you need to get going, Beats says that a ten minute charge will get you three hours of listening time.

Beats integrates Class 1 Bluetooth for improved connectivity range and better audio quality. The revamped noise cancellation feature is called Pure Adaptive Noise Canceling or Pure ANC for short. The tech samples the surroundings using an algorithm and adjusts the noise cancellation strength to match that. Pure ANC is able to compensate for noise leakage due to things like hair, glasses, or other items breaking the ear cup seal. Audio quality is promised to be the same with noise cancellation on or off. Charging is done via a microUSB connector, the lack of USB-C is only of the only real missing feature for these headphones.