Beats By Dr. Dre Delivers First Sports-Themed Headphones: Red Sox!

Did you tune into the start of the Major League Baseball season last night? A great many people did, and anyone watching ESPN2 from around 7PM ET until near midnight probably saw lots of product placement. An iPad was there, as was LeBron James and Dr. Dre, both of which were at the game primarily to pump up their latest product: the Red Sox version of a new headphone.

These are the first-ever sports-themed Beats by Dr. Dre headphones available to the public, and they've been officially branded by the Red Sox baseball franchise. These headphones are, of course, tied in with Monster Audio, and as with other wild products that we've seen from the company, these are both high-quality and high-brow. These were designed to deliver exceptional lows while retaining clarity at the higher levels, and they also feature powered ambient noise-isolation. These features (and the branding) come at a steep price: they'll be offered in regional Best Buy and Apple stores for $399.95, which is far more than most average consumers will want to pay for headphones.

But hey, Red Sox pride!