Be Quiet Unveils Dark Rock 5 CPU Cooler With Key Upgrades To Tackle Temps

hero Dark Rock 5 scaled
Germany-based Be Quiet, manufacturer of premium PC components, has announced the newest and most compact model to its Dark Rock 5 lineup. Simplly called Dark Rock 5, the single-fan CPU cooler has features trickled down from the its higher-end siblings for efficient cooling and almost library-like noise levels. The Dark Rock 5 goes on sale later this month.

Up till now, Be Quiet's Dark Rock series of CPU coolers have been known for their black monolithic aesthetic made with premium materials while commanding equally more premium prices than the likes of Deepcool and Noctua. The company hopes to sway buyers' opinions (and their wallets) somewhat with the new Dark Rock 5. 

Compared to the previous generation, the Dark Rock 5 is now adaptable to more motherboard and RAM types, such as Intel Core i9 and AMD Ryzen 9 series CPUs. This is partly thanks to the cooler's asymmetrical design and heatsink cutouts that allow more clearance around it for memory height (to better show off those RGB modules), plus the option to install a second fan on the exhaust side for extra cooling performance.

Taking design cues from the Elite and Pro models, the all-black Dark Rock 5 sports a fixed mounting base, a magnetic top plate, six heat pipes, and front-loaded Silent Wings 4 120mm PWM fan. The latter claims to offer "high performance and virtually inaudible operation" of 29.8 dB and 55 CFM due to a combination of a quiet 6-pole motor, optimized fan blades, and a fluid-dynamic bearing. 

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Installation is usually a breeze on Be Quiet fans, and judging from the simple base plate and customized adapters for either AMD and Intel sockets, it shouldn't be any different with the Dark Rock 5. The nickel-plated base is compatible with liquid metal thermal paste, in case you're wondering.

You'll have to hold out till June 25 for the Dark Rock 5 to hit the shelves when the heatsink will retail for a decent $70 with a three-year warranty, regular thermal paste, accessories, and one of the nicest pre-packaged screwdrivers out there. Black is the only option, by the way, so if you're looking for other colorways to match your build, you're going to have to look elsewhere.