BBuy Reward Zone Members to Get iPhone Discount

Best Buy is offering a significant discount to members of its Reward Zone loyalty points program, for one week only. From Feb. 22 to Feb. 28, those who were members prior to Feb. 21st can get $50 off an iPhone 3G, or $100 off if you are a Premier Silver Member.

Premier Silver Members are those who have spent $2,500 at Best Buy during a single calendar year; they are automatically upgraded from the normal membership level. Membership is free, by the way.

This brings the price of an 8GB iPhone 3G to as low as $99, while a 16GB iPhone 3G would be $199 for a Premier Silver Member.

These are discounts for new phones, not refurbished ones, as well. It's in-store only, however, and requires the obvious two-year service agreement. Also, you need to be eligible for an upgrade to your current phone.