Battlefield 5 Trailer Decoded To Detail The Classic Warfare Fun In Store For Gamers

Battlefield V
The next Battlefield installment has already generated a ton of buzz, some of which is focused on the prominent role women soldiers will play in the game—Battlefield V will be the first in the series to feature female characters on the front lines. We say 'Kudos!' to developer DICE and publisher Electronic Arts for the decision. As Battlefield V gets closer to its release in a couple of months, a new trailer reveals more details about the upcoming game.

In a lengthy blog post, Jeff Landa, a writer for EA who also has bylines in publications such as The Los Angeles Times and NPR, breaks down the new Rotterdam trailer. The just-over 2-minute clip gives fans of the franchise a glimpse of new maps, coordinated squad play, and a whole bunch of action scenes with actual gameplay shown off.

"On display are the many improvements of game mechanics central to the Battlefield franchise, such as multiplayer maps that can house the chaos of 64-player battles, the rock-paper-scissors backbone of infantry versus vehicles versus aircraft, and supreme destruction," Landa explains.

Battlefield V is the largest Battlefield to date, and Landa says it will continue to grow even bigger after launch. The trailer shows off four the game's map. It starts with the Rotterdam map, which is influenced by the imperiled city in Holland during May 1940, when an invading Germany went up against the Dutch military.

To capture to the frenzied pace of warfare, DICE developed new and improved maneuvers for soldiers in Battlefield V, along with custom weapons, unique specializations, and personal Fortifications. Players can make their in-game characters jump, slide, and even vault out of windows.

Battlefield V

"These advanced movement options are more ways to stay and fight together. Roll and dive through obstacles to lay down cover fire for an ally who's pinned down or leap through windows to make a desperate escape. Sprint while crouching to reach a fallen squad member faster and shoot alongside teammates from clever positions to keep the enemy guessing," Landa adds.

EA is also promising better squad play requiring deeper strategy in order to emerge victorious. Playing the objective together with teammates reaps heavy duty Reinforcements, Landa says, such as being able to unleash the devastating V-1 rocket to reset the course of battle. There will be other reinforcements as well, including supply drops, smokescreens, and the Churchill Crocodile tank with a flamethrower.

Gameplay looks to be varied, with players getting a chance to fight it out on the ground across a variety of terrain, in tanks and through the skies. Players will be able to upgrade the different vehicles and aircraft, and will decide between more damaging firepower or improved durability. Visual customizations will arrive sometime after the game launches.

Battlefield V is available to pre-order now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, starting at $59.99. The Deluxe Edition releases October 16 and the Standard Edition on October 19. Players can also get a jump start on October 11 by playing the full game with Origin Access Premier, or try it out as part of the EA Access and Origin Access Play First Trials.