Ban On HTC Smartphones Likely As Nokia Wins Patent Case In Germany

HTC is not starting out the new year on a strong note; the company lost a patent case to Nokia in a Munich court that affects all HTC Android devices in Germany. At issue is a technology for a "method for transferring resource information" (such a URL) between two devices via Bluetooth or NFC technology.

This gives Nokia the right to recall all HTC devices that violate the patent in the country, and the company indicated in a statement that it would pursue banning imports and sales “of all infringing HTC products in Germany, as well as to obtain damages for past infringement”.

HTC One banned in Germany
HTC One could be banned in Germany over patent infringement

The extent of Nokia’s litigation doesn’t end there, though; the company is going after HTC in several countries, including the U.S., UK, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and Japan. More victories similar to the German case could spell disaster for HTC, even as it tries to gain market traction with its HTC One smartphones.

Worse, FOSS Patents noted that the contested patent could affect all Android devices, actually. Google, it seems, figured this out too late to bring it to the attention of the court in this case, but it will no doubt do so going forward. Nokia has gone after hardware as opposed to the Android platform in general so far, but Google, et al would be well served to make sure they get some licensing arrangements nailed down with Nokia post haste.