Amazon AWS Lets Devs Get Jiggy With Machine Learning DeepComposer Keyboard

aws deep composer

Amazon has announced a new product called AWS DeepComposer, which is the world's first machine learning-enabled musical keyboard. Amazon says that machine learning requires math, computer science, code, and infrastructure expertise, and while those are important topics, many find them boring. To help people learn about practical machine learning tasks, Amazon has unveiled the AWS DeepComposer.

aws kb

DeepComposer is a 32-key, 2-octave keyboard designed for devs to get hands-on with Generative AI using pre-trained models or their own. Amazon is allowing users to enter their email address to be notified when the device is available. Until then, there is a virtual AWS console keyboard.

Essentially the service allows users to log into DeepComposer, record a short tune or use a pre-recorded one, select a generative model of your favorite genre, or your own generative model. Available genres include rock, pop, jazz, and classical. Creating custom generative models can be done in Amazon SageMaker, and the generative model then creates a new polyphonic composition that can be played in the console. Users can choose to export the composition or share it on SoundCloud.

The DeepComposer keyboard will sell for $99 and includes a 3-month free trial of AWS DeepComposer services to train the model. The DeepComposer services include each month includes enough to cover four training jobs monthly and 40 inference jobs monthly. As of writing, there is no ETA on when the DeepComposer musical keyboard might ship. Amazon's other devices include AWS DeepRacer and AWS DeepLens AI camera, which was introduced in November 2017.

You can learn all about AWS DeepComposer here.