Amazon Launches AWS DeepLens AI Camera With Machine Learning Muscle For Developers

deeplens 2
Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been firing on all cylinders lately. Last week, the company announced a new Secret Region for U.S. intelligence agencies, and this week it has announced a new camera that will help businesses leverage the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI).

Meet AWS DeepLens, which is a deep learning camera that is capable of wireless running real-time computer vision models. At the heart of the DeepLens is an HD (1080p) video camera and an Intel Atom X5 processor that can process over 100 billion deep learning operations per second. The camera runs on Ubuntu 16.04 and is preloaded with the Greengrass Core.

To help beginners get started with DeepLens, AWS has made available sample projects and pre-trained models to companies up and running with deep learning models in a matter of minutes. DeepLens will be paired with SageMaker, which is a platform for developing and distributing machine learning algorithms. It simplifies the training process and makes managing infrastructure for model training more efficient.


"Developers can extend these tutorials to create their own custom, deep learning-powered projects with AWS Lambda functions," writes Amazon. "AWS DeepLens could be programmed to recognize the numbers on a license plate and trigger a home automation system to open a garage door, or AWS DeepLens could recognize when the dog is on the couch and send a text to its owner."

Of course, Intel is also delighted not only because DeepLens uses one of its processors, but also because it leverages Intel's Math Kernel Library to help run those computer vision models. "DeepLens brings together the full range of Intel's hardware and software expertise to give developers a powerful tool to create new experiences, providing limitless potential for smart home integrations," added Miles Kingston, general manager of Intel's Smart Home Group.

DeepLens is priced at $250 and includes Wi-Fi (of course for wireless connectivity), a 2D microphone array and 8GB of onboard storage. It also features USB and microHDMI ports for as well for connecting to a PC to export data.