Audio Cable Guide, AMD The Next Intel?

Good afternoon folks! Albatron has sent us a pic of their new device... the "ATOP". This nifty thing allows 8x AGP cards to be used in a PCI-E system. ATOP stands for AGP-To-PCIe and some information about it as well as a pic can be found below. Oh, and Designtechnica has pics and specs of the Playstation 3 which can be found here. Enjoy!

Albatron's "ATOP" breathes new life into AGP-8x VGA cards


Your AGP-8x card simply piggybacks on the ATOP card's AGP-8x slot located on the top edge. The ATOP card is then plugged into the mainboard's PCI-Express slot. The only other installation requirements are replacing the bracket on the AGP-8x card with an ATOP bracket and installing the appropriate driver. The ATOP bridge is the perfect solution for cost conscious users caught in the middle of the PCI-Express, AGP-8x transition. With the ATOP, you can have the best of both worlds in addition to reducing expenditures and extending the life of your original investments.

Xbox 360 Games and More! @ Bytesector

"At Microsoft\'s E3 press conference, they announced over 160 Xbox 360 games in development, 25 to 40 of them to be released this year when Xbox 360 launches, and officially revealed Square Enix, creators of the Final Fantasy series, are bring Final Fantasy XI to Xbox 360 and Xbox Live. Much more about Xbox 360 was announced as well, such as Xbox 360 being backward-compatible."

Lite-On LVW-5045 160GB HDD+DVD Recorder Review @ Bjorn3D

"If you aren't quite ready to have a PC in your living room, then a TiVo or other hard drive recorder would make a great DVR (digital video recorder) for you. With its 160GB LVW-5045, Lite-On enters the hard drive recorder market with an affordable offering that has a lot of potential. The LVW-5045 not only features recording to hard drive but also to DVD and CD media, building on the capabilities of the LVW-5005 I previously reviewed."

A Guide To Audio Cables - Do They Sound Different? @ The Tech Zone

"One of the most common questions asked by consumers faced with purchasing cables for their audio or home theater system is, "What is so important about cables anyway?" They can cost as much or more than some of the hardware in the system and to many it is difficult to understand why wire isn't just wire."

Is AMD the Next Intel? @ CoolTechZone

"AMD took advantage and acquire more market share by providing value and performance in a single package. AMD has always been known to deliver value, which is one of the reasons why its 64-bit microprocessors were adopted so quickly by the enthusiast population. However, with AMD's recent announcement of its dual-core microprocessors, I fear if AMD is the next Intel in pricing terms of pricing."

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