AT&T's Aio Wireless No-Contract Service Rolling Out Nationwide

In a development that’s sure to turn the T-Mobile CEO's face that contested shade of magenta, AT&T announced that it’s Aio Wireless no-contract service will soon be available nationwide. Currently, Aio is available in certain markets in Florida, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia through brick-and-mortar stores; in Chicago, customers can sign up through the Aio website.

Aio Wireless smartphones

By September 29th, everyone in the country will get to take advantage of the service. It’s unclear if and when Aio (which is a subsidiary of AT&T) will build actual stores, but in any case, in a month you’ll be able to sign up with Aio online.

Aio Wireless offers three plans, each with unlimited talk, text, and data. The differences in the price tiers have to do with what device you can use on the plan and how much high-speed data you can use. For example, the $40 plan is for basic phones only and will only allow you 256MB of high-speed data; the $55 plan is for smartphones and gives you 2GB of high speed data.

There’s also a $15 per month tablet add-on plan and Aio Gig which lets you add 1GB of high speed data.

Aio represents a refreshing approach to wireless plans, and it’s a great option for those mid-tier customers who just want a solid phone and a relatively inexpensive plan.