AT&T's Aio Wireless Adds 4G LTE To Contract-Free Service

If you’re a customer of Aio wireless--a no-annual-contract wireless provider--today’s a good day, because the company just pushed out an OTA update giving you 4G LTE service. Aio also announced that it’s expanding its coverage map of Houston, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and Gainesville, Fla. to include Ft. Meyers and Naples, Fla.

In addition to the new 4G LTE capabilities, Aio announced a new handset, the ZTE Overture, which runs Android Jelly Bean and features a 4-inch display, 5MP rear camera and front-facing webcam-type camera, and up to 32GB of storage.


Aio is actually a wholly-owned subsidiary of AT&T and offers three plans ranging from $35 to $70 per month, which include unlimited talk and text as well as unlimited (but performance-throttled, depending on your rate plan) data.

A lot of people are looking for cheaper and less restrictive wireless plans, and it’s interesting that AT&T itself is wading into those waters.