Attention Walmart Shoppers, Apple iPhone Price Cuts Are In Effect (In-Store Only)

Hey, you there. The one holding the iPhone 5S. We see you getting ready to pay full price, but that's a sucker's game. Put the iPhone down and slowly walk away. Now head to your car and race over to Walmart (obeying all traffic laws on the way, of course) and shop the same exact model you were just holding, only now you'll pay less for it.

According to USA Today, Wally World has decided to slash the price of its iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c models. The new price of the iPhone 5s is $99, down from $149, while the iPhone 5c has been reduced to just $29, down from $49.

iPhone 5S

These prices requires a two-year service agreement with one of the big three in wireless -- Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint. The prices are also reflective of the 16GB model and only apply to in-store purchases. It's not clear if the larger capacity iPhone 5s and 5c models have also been marked down.

This is probably an attempt by Walmart to encourage buyers who might be on the fence to go ahead and make the leap rather than wait for the iPhone 6. Nothing has been announced yet, though rumor has it Apple will unveil a bigger size iPhone (iPhone 6) this fall.