AT&T to Allow Grandfathering of Unlimited iPad Data Plans to iPad 2

AT&T is doing its grandfather thing, which it has been doing historically, at least of late. Those iPad owners who were able to get unlimited data plans prior to AT&T removing it as an option, in 2010, will be able to keep those plans if they move to an iPad 2.

It's not really a new idea: AT&T did the same thing when the iPhone 4 was launched, allowing those how had past iPhones with unlimited data plans to keep those.

Those not lucky enough to have the unlimited option ($30) will have to make due with 250MB for $15 or 2GB for $25.  Customers who hit their limit may choose to purchase an additional 2 GB for $25.

Verizon Wireless will tier its monthly data plans as follows: $20 for 1GB; $35 for 3GB; $50 for 5GB; and $80 for 10GB.

We don't really consider it a kind gesture on AT&T's part.  Instead it's a gesture aimed at encouraging those with iPads to upgrade to iPad 2s, despite the fact that it's really more of an incremental upgrade.

That said, they will probably sell tons of iPad 2s starting March 11.