AT&T Streamlining Mobile Share Plans

AT&T rolled out Mobile Share plans last year, which allowed multiple users on one account to pay for and use a single “bucket” of data. It’s a nice option for many consumers, as typically one family member may use more data than another, and it’s not a great deal if they’re each paying for the same amount of monthly data.

AT&T Mobile Share

The company is simplifying things a bit with some new Mobile Share options. Plans start at $50 per month, which gets you service for a basic phone with 300MB of data; you can get service for a smartphone with 300MB of data for $70 per month. The most expensive option is $500 per month for 50GB of data and $30 for each smartphone on the plan, but there are numerous options in between.

AT&T Mobile Share

All of the Mobile Share plans include unlimited talk and text and will roll starting October 25th.

Via:  AT&T
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