AT&T Shadows Verizon As It Boosts Mobile Data And Drops Overage Fees

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It’s fair to say that AT&T pays close attention when the number one wireless carrier makes changes to its data plans (and vice versa). Last month, Verizon Wireless raised prices, bumped up its data buckets, and eliminated overages fees. Today, AT&T is making those same changes to its own mobile plans.

First of all, AT&T’s mobile data plans are getting a name change from Mobile Share Value to Mobile Share Advantage. And in most cases, AT&T is giving you more data for less money, although there are a few instances where you’re paying the same money for less data (like the new $30 1GB plan).

mobile share value
Mobile Share Value

“We now offer a new 25GB plan for $190 per month for 4 smartphone lines (previously $235 per month) and our 30GB plan is now $215 per month for 4 smartphone lines (previously $285 per month),” writes AT&T. “Customers can add up to 10 lines on both plans.”

mobile share advantage
Mobile Share Advantage

But the biggest change is that AT&T is now finally killing overages fees; something that T-Mobile started a long time ago and Verizon just started coming around to supporting. Prior to Mobile Share Advantage, customers had to pay $15 per 1GB that they went over their monthly allotment of data.

So instead of charging you outrageous overage fees, AT&T will simply throttle your connection down to an anemic 128kbps for the duration of your billing cycle. If you want to pay more money to get those speeds back up to normal, that’s your choice; but it’s no longer mandatory.

AT&T’s new Mobile Share Advantage Plans will be available starting August 21st.