AT&T Says T-Mobile Merger Would Improve Reception

Promises, promises. Words are easy to say, but it's the actions that matter, particularly when you're a CEO of America's largest GSM carrier. AT&T Mobility President & CEO Ralph de la Vega recently spoke at the D9 conference in California, and he acknowledged that AT&T has call drop problems, at least in major cities. He set it up so that he could speak positively about the proposed T-Mobile USA merger, which he says would expand coverage and allow the company to spread LTE to 97% of America within a few years.

He stated that with the combined resources of T-Mobile and AT&T, customers of the newly formed company would see improved service and coverage. Like we said, words are easy to speak, but promises are tough to hold to. The hosts of the event questioned why AT&T should be trusted with such immense power when they haven't been able to live up to their customer expectations in years past, and while it's a good point, AT&T is dealing with a blessing a curse: the iPhone.

No carrier could have seen that revolution coming, and there's no way any carrier would have been able to react quickly enough to that level of uptake and that level of data consumption. Either way, AT&T is on the hook for the comments, but probably only if the merger goes through. From a consumer perspective, it's hard to know what to root for. Everyone yearns for improved service, but do we really want less competition in the mobile industry?
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