FCC Leaks AT&T Power Drum Portable Charger For iPhone And Apple Watch

A new AT&T device has been seen passing through the FCC that isn't a phone or a smart wearable. Instead, it is a very slick charger aiming directly at Apple device users that can charge the iPhone and Apple Watch on the go, at the same time.

power drum

The gadget is called the Power Drum Wireless Charger & Apple Watch Power Bank, and it was spied at both the FCC and in documentation from the Qi Wireless Power Consortium. The Power Drum has a flat section around the perimeter of the device that is meant to wirelessly charge the Apple Watch. The iPhone would be placed flat on top of the Power Drum to receive its wireless power; the Power Drum would also charge any Qi-enabled smartphone.

The wireless charger supports charging at up to 10W, which is higher than the 7.5W the iPhone is limited to. The information on the Power Brick says that it is for the Apple Watch Series 3, Series 2, Series 1, and the original Apple Watch. While no mention of the new Apple Watch Series 4 is made, the charger should also work with Apple's latest wearable. The internal battery of the Power Brick is a 3000mAh unit, and there are LED charge indicators.

The Power Brick charges its battery using a micro USB cable. Documentation suggests AT&T will be looking to part customers from $99.99 for the ability to charge their iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time, on the go. It's unclear when the device might be available for purchase.

It should be noted that we often get our first glimpse at coming products thanks to FCC listings when the items go through the approval process to be sold in the U.S. Last summer we spied both the Samsung Galaxy Watch with LTE and the Red Hydrogen One smartphone passing through the FCC. 

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