AT&T Opens Retail Store on the Magnificent Mile, Takes a Page from the Apple Playbook

Apple has done brisk business with its retail stores, selling attractively-designed products inside of facilities that match the wares with hip individuals manning the counters. AT&T has plenty of its own retail stores around the country, but they don’t exactly have the same pizzazz as an Apple store.

In an effort to change all that, the company is completely revamping and rethinking its retail experience, starting with a flagship store right on downtown Chicago’s “Magnificent Mile” on Michigan Avenue.

The 10,000 square foot store opens on September 1st and will focus on the "experience" of everything AT&T has to offer.

AT&T Chicago store
Image credit: Fast Company

When customers walk in the door, they’ll be greeted by an employee within ten seconds or ten feet, by gar, and they can enjoy the 18-foot video wall, an App Lounge where users can try out apps on a huge 55-inch screen, and several boutiques inside the store where customers can view demos or learn about features. You won’t hear the jingling of cash registers, either, because the 30-40 employees will check customers out using tablets and smartphones, instead.

According to Bloomberg, AT&T will have competition in the neighborhood; Verizon is giving its own retail stores a whole new look, including one that's just a couple of blocks away.
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