AT&T Launches New 10GB Data, Unlimited Talk And Text Family Share Plans

Suddenly, mobile carriers are falling all over each other to woo customers, promising better and better deals and offering increasingly lucrative incentives to switch carriers. The latest shot in the volley is from AT&T, which is now promising a 10GB family data plan with unlimited talk and text with its AT&T Mobile Share Value Plans.

Prices start $130 for two lines; five lines will run you a total of $175, and you can add more lines beyond that for $15 per month per line. The plan also works for small business that have up to 10 lines. For a limited time, both new and existing customers can get a $100 bill credit towards any new line added.

AT&T mobile family share

If you need a clearer example of the mindset of mobile service providers these days, this paragraph in AT&T’s press release tells you everything you need to know:

Today, Verizon charges $260 monthly for a comparable plan that’s now $160 from AT&T. A family with four smartphones with unlimited talk and text, and a shared 10GB bucket of data, could switch to AT&T from Verizon and save $100 a month. In addition to the big monthly savings, the family in this example would get a $400 bill credit for the four smartphone lines of service added.

AT&T mobile family share

AT&T isn't just saying that it offers deal than the competition; it's breaking down the price structure and pleading with you to switch. The cost of mobile service plans is high, sometimes more akin to a car payment than a cell phone bill, so it’s refreshing to see the prices get pushed further down. Competition is always great for consumers.