AT&T Just Became the First U.S. Wireless Carrier to Offer International LTE Roaming

AT&T today signed a deal with Rogers Communications to launch LTE roaming in Canada. In doing so, Ma Bell gets the distinction of being the first U.S. carrier to offer international LTE roaming (i.e., bragging rights). For customers, however, it amounts to more than just bragging rights, as AT&T subscribers visiting Canada can continue to use their existing LTE device to navigate the web, download apps, upload photos to social networking sites, and everything else that consumes data, and without the worry of racking up insane roaming charges.

"Our agreement with Rogers affirms our commitment to deliver superior international coverage to our customers," said Bill Hague, executive vice president, International, Alliances and Integrations, AT&T Mobility. "AT&T customers already have access to the nation’s fastest, most reliable 4G LTE network while in the United States and now they can enjoy LTE speeds while roaming in Canada."

Image Credit: Flickr (Wesley Fryer)

The Rogers LTE network spans its reach to 70 percent of Canadians from coast to coast. That figure will grow, as by the end of the year, Rogers will have expanded its coverage to 95 new markets.

As for AT&T customers, they can choose from one of three Data Global Add-On packages that offer discounted rates in Canada and over 150 countries. They include 120MB for $30/month, 300MB for $60/month, and 800MB for $120/month. If a subscriber goes over the limit, it's a $30 charge for an additional 120MB for each of the three packages.