AT&T Doubles Data For Free On Select Mobile Share Plans

For those who just can't seem to get enough data on a monthly basis, AT&T is upping the ante for select customers. For those who are willing to dive into the carrier's Mobile Share Value plans of 15GB and up, you'll get double the data for no extra charge for the life of the plan. The only catch? You need to sign up by October 31st, and unfortunately, those on the basic plan (which has 10GB per month to share) aren't eligible.

The move seems to be catered towards data-heavy families and small businesses, where tethering and downloading are a daily happening. If you pony up for a Mobile Share Value plan with a monthly data bucket between 15GB and 50GB, you'll see that bucket doubled. There's no extra charge, no hidden fees, and no promo period. You really can keep the extra data for as long as you stay on the plan.

The promo is available for both new and existing customers, and if you're interested, you can sign up at, or, for small businesses at
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