AT&T Doles Out More Data For GoPhone Plan Customers With No Contract

Often overlooked in the mobile market for some reason is prepaid plans, and AT&T’s prepaid GoPhone deals are about to get sweeter. Customers will soon enjoy an increase in monthly data without an increase in rates, and more importantly, they’ll be able to use their phones as a mobile WiFi hotspot.

There are three new plans altogether: For $60 per month, one offers an increase in data (from 2GB to 2.5GB) with unlimited talk and talk and the WiFi hotspot capabilities. Another doubles the data from 250MB per month to 500MB per month and offer 500 minutes of talk time, for $40 per month. There’s also a new plan that offers 1GB of data with unlimited talk time for $45 per month.

AT&T GoPhone

Those are decent deals all around, but the killer is the mobile WiFi hotspot capabilities. Anyone who travels for work or for pleasure can attest to the need to tether their smartphones at times. Whether that’s digging in and getting some serious work done or just needing to jump on their laptop to pull up and email an important file, it’s an incredibly useful tool.

The new deals go into effect on April 25th, and note that they all use AT&T’s 4G LTE network.