AT&T Community Central Puts Local Governments In Touch With Citizens

A new mobile app from AT&T is aimed at helping city governments and their citizens keep in touch. Governments can use the app to keep people informed about community events and road hazards, while citizens can use it to find parks and contact government departments.

Perhaps one of the best things about the new Community Central app is that it lets you use your smartphone to upload a picture of that axle-wrecking pothole so the city can see just how big that sucker is. The app is also designed to provide real-time info about public transportation systems so you can catch a bus or avoid delays. The app’s data crunching is done in the cloud via AT&T’s Mobility Solutions service. AT&T hasn't announced a government that has taken it up on the app yet.

Citizens Connect mobile app for citizen/government communication
Boston's Citzens Connect gives people a high-tech way to report public problems. Image credit: City of Boston

AT&T isn’t the first company to target cities and other governments with a communication platform. There are several players in the market already. Boston’s Citizens Connect is another mobile app that has similar features, including tools for reporting damage signs and roads.