AT&T Brings Cheap Unlimited Data To GoPhone With Plenty Of Strings Attached

Over the past month, we’ve witnessed an all-out war among the top four U.S. wireless carriers with respect to unlimited data. Verizon Wireless drew first blood, then everyone else hopped in with guns blazing.

AT&T was the last to rejoin the unlimited data fight, and quickly had to alter its plans to make them more competitive. Now, it is extending the unlimited data option to its prepaid GoPhone service, but there are many strings attached.

For starters, the $60/month plan does technically give you “unlimited” data, but it’s capped at 3Mbps, which isn’t exactly too impressive these days. That speed will drop down to nearly unbearable levels if you exceed 22GB of data within your billing period and are connected to a high-traffic cell tower. AT&T also doesn’t allow you to stream HD video, and will instead limit you to 480p resolution. You won’t find tethering included, but AT&T does give you unlimited calling and texting.

lumia520 gophone

“We’re excited to offer a truly unlimited plan for our AT&T GoPhone customers,” said AT&T’s Bob Bickerstaff, VP of wireless voice and prepaid products. “AT&T GoPhone customers now have even more flexibility to pick the plan that fits their needs as well as the perfect device from a selection of premium smartphones they really want.”

In addition to the new GoPhone unlimited data plan, AT&T has also given its $40/month plan a boost from 4GB to 6GB per month while retaining Rollover Data. However, if you exceed the 6GB allotment, your speeds will be throttled down to 128Kbps.

While it’s nice to see AT&T spread the wealth when it comes to unlimited data, the pricing still isn’t exactly competitive. T-Mobile ONE costs $70 per month (including all taxes and fees) and throws in HD video streaming and 10GB of tethering.