AT&T Attempts To Set The Record Straight

Last week, we told you about AT&T's lawsuit against Verizon Wireless, claiming the latter company's "There's a Map for That" ad is misleading. While obviously mocking Apple's "There's an App For That" iPhone slogan, the ad points out that AT&T's 3G coverage isn't near as far-reaching as Verizon Wireless' 3G coverage.

In its lawsuit, AT&T claims customers who see the ad with its maps may believe the maps represent pure coverage, not just 3G coverage. Not satisfied with leaving things at that, the company is now hoping to set the record straight with a statement.

After acknowledging that it usually doesn't respond to competitors' advertising, AT&T goes on to say "recent ads from Verizon are so blatantly false and misleading, that we want to set the record straight about AT&T's wireless data coverage."

More specifically, AT&T points out that its wireless data coverage reaches 303 million people, or 97% of the U.S. population. AT&T currently provides three types of data service:
  • 3G: 233 million people or 75% of the population are covered by AT&T's 3G network.
  • EDGE: 301 million people or more than 96% of the population are covered by EDGE.
  • GPRS: Covers 303 million people, allowing you to talk, text, email and access basic websites optimized for wireless.
The company also explains that 3G and EDGE coverage allow customers to access the Internet, send email, surf the Web, stream music, download videos, send photos, text, talk, and more. The difference is 3G is faster than EDGE with some data applications.

After setting this record straight, AT&T goes on to brag on itself for a bit. The company claims:

AT&T is the #1 network for smartphones, with twice the number of smartphone customers than Verizon, our closest competitor. Some of the reasons include:
  • Most popular smartphones. Unlike Verizon, AT&T offers the most popular smartphones in the industry.
  • More wireless apps. Unlike Verizon, AT&T customers have access to more than 100,000 applications, more than with any other wireless company.
  • Talk and E-mail at the same time. Unlike Verizon, AT&T's 3G network lets wireless customers simultaneously talk and surf the web or do e-mail.
  • Fastest 3G in the nation. Unlike Verizon, AT&T has the nation's fastest 3G network.
While AT&T makes some valid points about its network and coverage in the lawsuit and statement, wouldn't you rather see the company spend its time, efforts, and money on expanding coverage, rather than excuses and lawsuits?