Buzzkill AT&T Slaps Another $5 Increase On Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans

If you are one of the "lucky" few that still has one of AT&T's original unlimited data plans, the company is trying its best to get you to jump ship once and for all. The plan has its origins dating all the way back to the original iPhone that was first released in 2007.

The unlimited data plan originally cost $30 a month, but was raised to $35 in February of 2016. Another $5 increase was instituted at the beginning of 2017, now an additional $5 increase is taking the cost of the data plan to $45 per month. According to AT&T, the rate increase goes into effect starting with your July 2018 bill. Given that AT&T has raised the price of the plan over the years and subject it to the same 22GB threshold for data prioritization as its other unlimited plans, it's becoming harder for many to justify customers sticking with it.

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"Consumers are using mobile data at record levels and the trend is expected to continue," AT&T writes. "To help make sure we continue to provide the best service for all of our customers, a small price increase is being made at this time."

AT&T stopped offering its grandfathered unlimited data plan to new customers back in 2010 and ushered in its “Mobile Share” plans with buckets of monthly data. Since that time, AT&T has introduced new unlimited data plans with fresh perks to entice customers. 

AT&T's Unlimited Choice Enhanced gives you 1.5Mbps data speeds, 480p video streaming, a $15/month discount on DirecTV Now service, access to HBO programming, along with unlimited calling and texting for $40/month (with AutoPay). Unlimited Plus Enhanced takes off the speed limit on downloads/uploads (allowing you to get peak speeds in your area), and gives you HD streaming support and 15GB of mobile hotspot data for $48/month.

It should be noted that with the grandfathered unlimited data plans, you still have separate charges for calling and texting, and the new unlimited plans will hit you with an access charge per line. One other item of note is the grandfathered unlimited plans are still eligible for corporate/partner discounts whereas the new unlimited plans aren't.