AT&T / HTC Mondrian Ad Showcases Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 is almost here. The holidays are rapidly approaching, and Microsoft has long since maintained that WP7 handsets would be on sale prior to 2011. As the time draws near, we are seeing more and more leaks and hints of what Windows Phone 7 will actually look like. Take this video for example. It popped up on YouTube over the weekend featuring the unannounced HTC Mondrian, which looks like a scaled down smartphone that may occupy the mid-range smartphone sales space.

According to the ad, it will be a Windows Phone 7 handset and will launch on AT&T. No surprise there considering that it has been confirmed that WP7 will be a GSM-only platform (meaning no launches on Verizon Wireless and Sprint) until next year. In America, that leaves just T-Mobile USA and AT&T to launch these phones. It's hard to say how many people will flock to WP7 on AT&T; most smartphone users there seem to gravitate towards the iPhone or any number of BlackBerry phones.

The Mondrian itself looks like a capable phone, and the ad shows off WP7's ability to auto-update panels on the fly with information that users care about. WP7 definitely has a tough road ahead; it's designed to be used in portrait mode alone, and it will not support tethering at launch. Also, it won't have the marketing support of Sprint and Verizon. Have a look below for another peek into the world of WP7. Will you be making the switch this holiday season? Or does WP7 still not offer a compelling reason for you to leave Android, iOS, webOS or BlackBerry OS?