ATP Pushes "Green" DDR2 RAM Modules

While you may have assumed that the green trend was dying out, we have reason to believe otherwise. Just days after Zotac pushed out a couple of new "eco-friendly" graphics cards, ATP has announced its very own "green" DDR2 FB-DIMM memory modules.

The super low power sticks offer up a 1.5 to 3 watts-per-DIMM power saving, which is supposedly 35 percent or so compared to rival models by its calculations. The company has brought along the power saving DIMMs to its booth at the annual CeBIT trade show in Germany, and these are said to be shipping out now to those interested. Michael Plaksin, ATP Vice President of Sales, stated the following: "The biggest drawback on the standard FB-DIMMs is the high power consumption, and thus the associated heat. Not only does it cause servers to use more electricity and potentially shorten the systems' life cycles, but it also requires data centers to run the air-conditioning system much harder. ATP's new energy efficient FB-DIMM series, with up to 48 to 96 watts of power saving per system, addresses this critical limitation. We are proud to provide these solutions to our customers at no additional cost compared to the standard FB-DIMM modules."

Personally, we're hesitant to believe that new memory modules will noticeably lower your monthly energy bill, but we suppose new system builders might as well select DIMMs that trim the usage if there's no extra fee. Speaking of fees, we're not actually told how pricey these will be nor what capacities they'll ship in, but they're definitely ready for mass production (and to milk the "green" label for all it's worth, too).

ATP Green DDR2 FB-DIMM's features:

  • Up to 35% power saving compared to standard 1.8V FB-DIMMs
  • High throughput and better system memory expandability
  • Built-in reliability with CRC (Cyclical Redundancy Checking) protection and Bit Lane Failover Correction

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