ATI's X1800 proves to be quite the OC'er

The guys at NGOHQ took some time with ATI's X1800 to see what this card could do in the overclocking arena.  What they found was the X1800 was quite the little overclocker indeed.  Utilizing ATITOOL, this experiment yielded impressive results, all without any physical modifications required.  This is a brief write up that didn't include any benchmark comparisons.  However. the focus here was on the overclocking process, and overclock the X1800 did.

"ATi has finally made the leap and given overclockers a reason to celebrate. In their new RADEON X1800 series they have given us the ability to modify the GPU/DDR voltages without using a voltage mod. Unfortunately, this useful feature never screamed out enough to the users like it deserved to be, until now."
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