ATI's Take On DirectX 10

As we get closer and closer to the end of the year(I can't believe we've already passed the halfway mark!), we get closer to the much anticipated OS from Microsoft, Windows Vista. While the prospect of a new OS to tinker around with is good, there is an equal amount of interest in the next version of DirectX and the new technology that comes with it, such unified shaders. In their latest article, the folks over at EB cover ATI's take on the new tech.

"Although Vista isn't going to be available in retail until at least January 2007 (with rumours mounting of further delays), the major graphics cards vendors such as ATI, NVIDIA and S3 naturally already have their responses to DirectX 10 very much planned out. However, thus far it's been ATI that have made by far the most noise regarding this next release of DirectX, as they seemed determined to leverage what they clearly feel is their advantage (both architecturally and regarding their experience) in this upcoming arena. To this end, they have been travelling far and wide to promote both DirectX 10 and ATI's plans towards supporting it (Without giving away too much about their first DirectX 10 product, R600, of course) to the press."
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