ATI's RV570 to Cost $199

Fudo over at The Inquirer reports that their sources have indicated that ATI's upcoming RV570 GPU will be released with a surprisingly low $199 price point. Originally, it was believed that this GPU would compete at the $299 price point. Here, ATI's RV570 would be facing some stiff competition from NVIDIA's (rumored) GeForce 7950GT. Shockingly, RV570 will now do battle with NVIDIA's GeForce 7900GS and will likely have a solid performance advantage. In an market as volatile as the GPU segment, vendors always have contingency plans for situations like this. One thing is certain, it will be interesting to see how NVIDIA reacts should RV570 be offered at $199 as suggested.

"WE LEARNED that the upcoming X1950 PRO based on RV570 chip is going to be cheaper than expected. This card is expected in October and will end up with a juicy price of $199. Nvidia will price its Geforce 7900GS at the same price but Nvidia wants to fight RV560 with this card. "
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