ATI's R600 First GPU to Hit 1GHz?

Fudo over at The Inquirer reports that sources have indicated ATI is aiming for an unparalleled 1GHz core frequency for their next generation R600 GPU. Nearly impossible to achieve using the conventional 90u process, this target speed seems to indicate the use of 65u process for this GPU. With an estimated arrival late in Q4 or possibly Q1 of 2007, there is ample time for the foundries to perfect the smaller process and get things matured to the point that yields on this flagship GPU are acceptable. Little is known of NVIDIA's next generation G80 architecture though speculation indicates they might be making life tough for ATI with a product launch at the end of the summer.

We expect that Nvidia might introduce its G80 a few months before ATI, we expect G80 at late summer or early autumn, while we know that R600 wont see the face of the earth until late Q4. Things can always get delayed, as you know.


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