ATI's Quad-Crossfire Eventually Coming

The Inquirer reports that ATI's obvious introduction of a Quad-Crossfire configuration is still a long ways away. With NVIDIA's Quad-SLI up and running (for the most part) in the marketplace, ATI certainly needs to come up with an answer if for no other reason than for marketing and PR purposes. Despite having a handful of single card, dual-GPU "Gemini" boards in the Radeon X1600 range there is no high end solution at this time. With indications of a post-summer launch, it seems as though NVIDIA can continue to enjoy their monopoly of sorts with their four-card solution.

They can put two X1600, RV530 GPUs on the board so I guess that ATI should make dual RV560 solutions as well but this won't be enough to fight the quad SLI. It is a show-off marchitecture, but you need to make it to sell the slower cards. Four is always better than two, at least if you talk about girls, but I would prefer to have two loans rather than four.


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