ATI x800XL, ECS 915P-A, and more!

Good afternoon folks, today is Super Bowl Sunday! For those of you who know little of the sports world, my beloved New England Patriots will square off against the Philadelphia Eagles in what should be a great game to remember. Until then, you can point your attention to this week's news post. The box is full, so I'll make another post to unload some more news later tonight.

MSI NX6600-VTD128E Diamond @

"The real jewel in the crown for this board, assuming it is indicative of these boards as a whole, is overclockability. If the price is right, then this part could become something of a darling for those looking for a bargain in the mid-range video card sector - A board cheaper than a 6600GT but overclockable to beyond 6600GT clocks would be coveted much like the GeForce 6800GT has been at the high-end."

ATI x800XL @ t-break

"Along with the X850XT PE, ATI also introduced the X800XL a couple of months ago. While the X850XT PE is their highest-end product, we were more interested in the X800XL but due to limited sample availability, we were not able to acquire one at that time. We have that card from ATI now and lets briefly talk about it before we head over to benchmarks."

X-Handler Case @ A True Review

"When I first saw this case, I instantly thought "Apple". Seems everyone wants a piece of the ultra sexy G5 design, and Xoxide puts forth an effort with their X-Handler (Blizzard) case. Let's take a look at this low-priced case and see if those uber handles really are functional or just for show..."

Intel 915P Shootout:ECS 915P-A @ hardwarezone

"With the 915P-A, ECS brings us a hybrid motherboard with all the technologies to help users upgrade to Intel's new LGA775 platform without feeling the pinch of overhauling the entire PC. Both PCI Express and DDR2 are present as well as the good old AGP and DDR."

Logitech Z-640 5.1 Speaker Set Review @ Rojak Pot

"Tired of puny little squeaks from cheap speakers? Throw them aside and bring in the REAL stuff! Today, we will take a look at a set of mid-range 5.1 speakers the Logitech Z-640! Let's see if it really can rumble!"

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