ATi X800, Sunbeam Case and Others

Good morning everyone :)  Sorry about the later start this morning, I am fighting off a lovely head-cold which is playing havoc on my sleep schedule.  Nonetheless, our HH News Bin is filling up, so let's get the show on the road...

 Legion Hardware - A look at the ATi Radeon X800 series

"The Radeon X850XT is said to cost at least $50 US more than the X800XT and produces just 0.3 more gigapixel/sec. Most gaming titles struggled to place more than a frame per second between these two graphics cards, which is most disappointing given the price premium ATi have placed on the Radeon X850XT."

 Sunbeam Transformer Case @ Systemcooling

"Though I've mostly known Sunbeamtech for things like their Laser Beam LED's and LED Case Feet, today we're going to find out that they are expanding their horizons and getting into the pre-modded case business as well. With an emphasis on both looks and cooling, the Transformer has the potential to be a winner. Let's dig in and see if it delivers the goods."

 XG Sidewinder Enclosure @ Viper Lair

"Cooling is very well executed with the Sidewinder case as well. The fact that it can keep a case temperature of 27 degrees Celsius with a 3 GHz Presscott P4, ATI x800 Pro, and 4 hard drives installed with an ambient temperature of 23 degrees Celsius is pretty good."

 Gigabyte P4 Titan Series 8TRX330-L Review @ Techware Labs

"The leader in producing highend video cards teams up with Gigbyte to produce a chipset to perform. The leader in chipsets for Intel processors the past few years has been Intel. So to have a video card company compete is an attention getter. The main factor in the performance of a system is the chipset of the motherboard, (the traffic cop if you will of the system)."

 PimpRig Review: Ultra Products 600W Power Supply

"Pretty much all LED fans I have seen have had the LEDs placed within the outer frame of the fan. The LEDs in these fans are mounted via small posts extending from the center of the fan. The result is more light. Since none of the LED is blocked by the fan housing you get the FULL lighting from these fans."

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