ATI RD580 Delayed?

The Inquirer reports that they are receiving word that ATI's upcoming RD580 Crossfire chipset will be slightly delayed until late February or early March. Based on a new Xpress 3200 chipset, RD580 should provide a healthy increase in performance as well as address several of the shortfalls of ATI's previous chipsets. For those looking to mate a new R580 GPU to a new RD580 chipset, it appears as though you have a slight wait ahead of you. Fortunately, the performance should make that slight inconvenience well worth the wait.

In the meantime, ATI recommends using Asus' Crossfire motherboard, based on the RD480 chipset as this one is stable and hunky-dory. Others should be fine but Asus has won too many hearts with this implementation, including ours. It just works so well. Your USB performance might not be at the top of the tree but that's our only quibble. It uses a ULI chipset that should be better than the company's SB450 anyroadmap.
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